NEW CHAPBOOK BY PATRICIA CLARK: Wreath for the Red Admiral


West Chester, PA, June 24, 2016 – Spruce Alley Press, today announced the release of Wreath for the Red Admiral, a 40 page chapbook by the esteemed American poet, Patricia Clark. Most of the poems in Clark’s chapbook take their inspiration from close observations of the natural world.

The poems engage intimately with nature—trees, birds, nests, water, changing seasons, mammals, caterpillars—leading to a renewed human connection with our environment.


Patricia Clark is Poet-in-Residence and Professor in the Department of Writing at Grand Valley State University. She is the author of four books of poetry: Sunday Rising, She Walks Into the Sea, My Father on a Bicycle, and North of Wondering. Her poetry has appeared in magazines such as The Atlantic Monthly, Slate, Poetry, Mississippi Review, The Gettysburg Review, New England Review, Pennsylvania Review, North American Review, Seattle Review, and Iowa Woman. She has also co-edited an anthology of contemporary women writers called Worlds in Our Words.

Publisher James Esch says it was a thrill to work with a poet of Clark’s stature. “Patricia has built an amazing reputation in the poetry community, and this gathering of poems will only enhance her standing among lovers of the written word. Her attentiveness to the little things in nature offers readers a haven from the distractions and anxieties of modern life. Like any great poet, Clark teaches us to see with fresh eyes.”

Some reviews of Wreath for the Red Admiral:

“Art and Nature, Truth and Beauty have always held their rendezvous in lyric poetry. In Wreath for the Red Admiral, they go public––into the readers’ hold––with their perfect marriages of form and content, movement and rooted greenery. This stirring collection offers respite from the strife-filled atmosphere we live in. And it firms Patricia Clark’s status––she is one of the best poets that America presents today.”
Marilyn Kallet, author of 17 books, including The Love That Moves Me, poetry from Black Widow Press.

“In the best moments in this remarkable collection, the creatures of the world call the poet back into herself, into reflection, into a new understanding, richer and more nuanced. Finally, she disappears in the motion that surrounds her. This is a wise chapbook of observations earned and studies made along an evocative journey.”
–Keith Taylor, poet, author of If the World Becomes So Bright, (Wayne State University Press, 2009), co-editor of Ghost Stories from Michigan (a Michigan Notable Book of the Year, 2012).

“Patricia Clark’s poetry ripples with detail, Nature brought not just to the page but to the eye and nose. I fly with her herons and owls, accept the promise of an evening where bears may be near. She brings us a world still fresh as spring and deep in mystery.”

–Kenneth Pobo, winner of the Blue Light Book Prize in 2014 for Bend of Quiet (2015) and author of When the Light Turns Green (Spruce Alley Press, 2014).

Wreath for the Red Admiral is available for sale as a print-on-demand book at, and will be distributed worldwide through Ingram, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent booksellers.


Wreath for the Red Admiral by Patricia Clark
40 pages, Paperback
21 poems
ISBN 9781365120640

NOTE: Review copies are available (electronic PDF or print). The author is available for interview requests.


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